Nightjar Travel Adventurer 2013

Richard Kohler has been chosen as the overall winner of the Nightjar Travel Adventurer 2013 with his first continuous solo paddle around the coastline of South Africa, from border to border.
Richard describes reaching the finish line as a bit anti-climatic, but that might just have been a reaction from dehydration and mild heatstroke. After 70 days of actual paddling, covering 3,300km, he had become the first person to complete a continuous solo paddle around South Africa. This adventure was a risky one, from run-ins with sharks to getting pounded by the surf, when things go wrong on the sea they go wrong in the blink of an eye, and as a solo paddler your chance of being rescued in time is slim. Richard Kohler has been sailing since the age of 6, and has sailed at international level, including the 2007 Americas Cup for SA aboard the Shosholoza.  He has taken part in numerous competitive paddling events, achieving his provincial colours twice, until a back injury forced him to paddle less competitively. (Nightjar Travel South Africa)
We do not recommend this trip to our clients and travelers, rather contact Mint Productions  & Destinations for a tailor made adventure tour, just a little bit less risky. We are a Destination Management Company based in Cape Town and offer unique and authentic travel experiences in Africa.

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